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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is a blessing to know that we are being supported in prayer by the saints in the work that God has called us to here in New Brunswick, Canada; and it is truly a privilege to be helped financially through your generous giving as we seek to minister in our local community and the surrounding area.  Thank you for your partnership with us. 

Our family is doing very well by God’s grace. We are grateful for the Lord’s lovingkindness and tender mercies towards us in Christ.  This month, my wife Paula began a new year of homeschooling our two children – both of them are in grade 10!  It’s hard to believe that they are only a few short years from graduating.  They started school a week early as we are planning on leaving for a little getaway to Prince Edward Island on Monday.  This is a favorite place for our family and we are all excited, looking forward to a refreshing time together in a very beautiful and relaxing part of the Maritimes.  

Ministry has been steady at Cornerstone.  I am currently finishing a sermon series through the first letter of John that has been both encouraging and edifying.  Tomorrow will be the last sermon from First John (5:13-21). I am also planning on preaching through Second and Third John (one sermon each), and then following up with a series of messages on the parables leading up to the Christmas season in December.  It is freeing to know that the Lord uses the power of His Word to save souls and change lives; and it is a joy to minister to a congregation that delights in hearing God’s Word proclaimed.  

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Three other women were also baptized.  One woman is from a large First-Nations community nearby.  She and her husband have been coming to Cornerstone for quite some time.  She had recently approached me wanting to be baptized and was so excited as she publicly made a confession of her faith in obedience to Christ.  Another woman started attending Cornerstone early in the year, shortly after moving to the area.  She had been won to Christ sometime before we had met her, but had not yet been baptized.  She too joyfully joined the others in openly declaring her reliance on Christ.  The last woman who was baptized came as a surprise to us, as there had only been five candidates for baptism when we made our way down to the Richibucto river.  But after making my way out of the water after the five baptisms, I was approached by a woman who told me that she wanted to be baptized and asked if I would baptize her. She was a friend of one of the women being baptized, and I had only met her just a week before.  I was taken back and asked her why she wanted to be baptized, along with other questions to find out if she understood the Gospel.  I explained the Gospel as clearly as I could, along with the meaning and significance of baptism.  She assured me that she believed what I was telling her and wanted to be baptized as a public declaration of her faith, in obedience to Christ.  And so, we made our way back into the water for one more baptism.  She was grateful, and the church was very encouraged.  

20200823 Baptisms 1 Collage

Last month, I performed an outdoor wedding ceremony for a couple that recently started attending Cornerstone.  I had known them for some time, but a few months ago, they came to see me at the church and requested for a Bible.  I gave them one, and we talked about the things of God for a while.  I continued to talk with them on occasion, and when we resumed public worship services after the shutdown, they started attending Cornerstone.  They asked if I would marry them, as they wanted to make things right before God in their relationship.  The following week, after getting married, they both entered the waters of baptism, as a public demonstration of their faith, along with 4 others.  One of the other believers who was baptized along with them is the father of the man who got married and baptized. He is an older gentleman who has been coming to Cornerstone for well over a year, and who has been persevering in the faith in the midst of ongoing physical trials.  It was truly a privilege to baptize these three together (father, son, and daughter-in-law).  

Please pray for these six believers, that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and bear much fruit for God’s glory.