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Glory to God for all the things He has done in our lives. First, it is going well with Sunday’s services. Kelly’s class on preparing messages verse by verse has helped me to better prepare the lessons for teaching the church. I want to be faithful to God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of those who are listening. 

I made two home visits this month. The first trip was to see Sister Ry and her family after hearing that they needed encouragement to grow in faith. If we are honest, it is easy for most of us to find an excuse to skip church. They needed to hear God’s Word and the prayers from the church. I urged them to prioritize church fellowship. Their presence blesses the small group at Kok Srok, so we want to see her family rest on Sabbath and join prayers with other members as one body in Christ. 

If you are a leader in a small group, you might have experienced that helping the group work together takes some time, and prayer is needed. Brother Kho’am and his daughter have struggled to lead their group forward. They feel it seems a slow and unproductive process. I shared with them God’s Word to help them continue lifting their burdens and requests to the Lord. Besides encouraging them, we were able to study the Word and pray together. I prayed that his group would get better. I prayed that they would patiently do what they know to do according to God’s Word. 

Pastor David invited me to preach at his church. It is good to see God work in our relationship as brothers in faith. Moreover, before I was reluctant to get involved with the local authorities. Pastor David helped me to see this differently. After working with them for quite a while now, I understand that building a good relationship is necessary. It helps them know us as Christians and our work for the Lord. 

I am happy that my schedule has been full. I am joyful that the Lord uses a man like me. I am so thankful for HeartCry. With monthly support, I can do what I am doing right now. Glory to God in the Highest. God has blessed me with a faithful son to help in agriculture. We plan on planting three hectares of Cassava and two hectares of rice this year. If we are blessed to receive good production, we can finish building our house. What makes me rejoice and be glad in the Lord each day is that my four children are coming to faith in Jesus. He is so amazing. 

Watching children from the villages come and study at my house and at the church is another blessing as well. 

Prayer Requests

– Pray for the church and small groups to be healthy and protected by God.

– Pray for guidance and strength as we move forward with our agriculture plans. 

– Pray for wisdom and continued strength to pastor and continue doing home visits as God allows and serve Him where He sees fit. 

In Christ,