Greeting to you in the Name of our might Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God, I am well. After a long time, it is my privilege to share my life and ministry. I am currently in Butwal studying, along with the interns. It has been a journey. Many times, I tried to stay at Palpa, but the native people didn’t allow me to do the Lord’s work. Sometimes it would even end in police custody. I waited and looked for more opportunities to work there, but was hard to stay there. Therefore, I had planned to go to another place for evangelistic work. But at the same time, I feel that I feel my weakness in the Scriptures. So, I came to Butwal for my studies. This has been good for me, and the grace of God has strengthened me. Pastor Silas and Pastor Doug have been helping me to have a deeper understanding of the truth.

I am thankful to God for giving me the zeal for His mission. I have been surveying the places for church planting. I had gone to Yanjakot in September 2021. Two other brothers joined me. There are some churches in that area, so, I did another trip to District Gorkha in November 2021. At this time, three other brothers joined me on this trip. We visited Barpak and Larpak (which was the earthquake epicenter that occurred in Nepal in 2016). It was a good trip. We got the privilege to evangelize the people and spent time with the leaders. We discovered that most Christians don’t have a firm grasp of the Gospel. The leaders have no solid foundation in the Bible, and unfortunately, they are also not interested in solid teaching. They also told me that if I were to labor there to plant a church, then I must be under their Christian group. Therefore, I went to another side of Gorkha (north-east of Gorkha) in February 2022.

The journey was very dangerous. The brother traveling with me got sick, and I experienced leg pain. It was challenging for us. We prayed to Lord for His sovereign grace, and thinking about traveling those roads again kept us up at night. However, our trip was fruitful. Discovered sheep there who are without a shepherd. Those who are the leaders are without deep knowledge. In the grace of God, they are eager for solid teaching. All those leaders whom I met told me that they will support me as they can. They told me to stay in the place where the Bhote community lives, a very orthodox Buddhist community, that also consists of Animists as well. Because of that, this place is very dangerous. In fact, many evangelists have been martyred by these people. God may open the door in this community. Nothing is impossible in God’s sight. The rules of that place are that no one can stay there as a pastor or a leader of a church. Either they will be killed by those people or they have to go into the area for only social work. They are forbidden to evangelize the people and work in the church.


The Lord did give the privilege of sharing the gospel to the hotel manager. He too claims to be a Christian, but it is obvious that he does not have a sound gospel. I also met a local pastor, but he too has no true understanding of basic biblical doctrine. Please do pray for the people. Please do pray for me. Pray that God would open the door for His kingdom. It is my burden to carry out His message to the people who don’t know Him. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but may God use me for his work until my last breath.    

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A Double Compass

A Double Compass