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Natalia Terentii has suffered from physical trials for years. In spite of chronic illnesses, she has faithfully served Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova. Please pray for our sister as she does what she can in this season of affliction:  

I’m so grateful that the treatment for my digestive tract is going well, but I have discovered another problem. My thyroid pills take all the calcium from my body, but I can’t take calcium until the problem with my digestive system is solved. Also, the dentist diagnosed me with periodontitis. I have a cyst near one of my teeth and several other problems. Now I need to finish the third part of my treatment for my digestive issues so that I can go to the dentist. I will start the 4th part of the treatment. I pray that God would strengthen me physically and emotionally.   

It is so nice outside, the trees and the flowers are blossoming. It is a real miracle to see the seasons change. I’m not feeling very well, but I cherish every moment that I have and every fresh breath that I can take. I can spend time outside to see the nature, I also help my neighbor and I go to church. My mind wants so many things, but God says: “Natasha, stay with Me! Take it easy!” I want to run, but I need to stop and know my limits. My friend said to me that she had never thought that God would change her life so suddenly. She wanted to work hard to buy herself a house, but then she got sick. So I told her that I had everything, but I still got sick and this was hard for me because I wanted to serve, but God allowed others to serve instead.

I told my friend I had found my peace in God and God alone. It wasn’t easy for me because I wanted to have everything under control, but God told me to allow him to take control. He told me, “Everything is mine, I control all things.” I said that God works deeply in me. I’ve learned so much during my sickness. When you lay in bed for several days, what can you do? Who are you? When I opened my eyes and I had enough strength, I would say, “Lord, thank You that I can see and breathe! Great is Your mercy! Great is Your grace! You alone are my comfort. You are my Rock and my Shelter.” When I invited my friend to my place, I told her, “Come to my place, live, breathe, eat, walk, read, have fellowship with God! Enjoy these moments! Be free! God loves you!” I used to have wonderful moments with my friend, who is in America now.

God has plans and beautiful moments for everyone. Everything passes, but He stays the same. Thank you so much for supporting me and for praying for me! May God reward you abundantly! I love you in the name of the Lord! Be blessed! You are special people of the Lord!



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A Double Compass

A Double Compass