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From the HeartCry office: Paul Snider has served in the deep jungle of Papua for several years. Because of mosquito-borne illness, he returned to the US and is working out of the HeartCry office in Radford, VA. We know Paul’s heart is to return to Papua, but we are thankful to have his insight into deep, unreached, jungle missions at the home office at this time. Below is his latest update that will be a blessing and encouragement.

Dear Friends,

It’s our desire to keep you updated as much as possible regarding our work, our health, and our plans for Papua, Indonesia. We don’t want you to think for a second that we are off the radar. We believe, as our supporters, you should be updated  regularly so you can see our heart’s desire to not only return to Papua, but be faithful with what God is giving us to do while in the States as we recover. Thank you for your faithful prayers. I still receive messages from many of you assuring us that you are lifting our names in prayer to the Father. 

Good News: I have had a better week mentally and physically. Pray this continues. The mosquito illnesses have left me with some long lasting side-effects. Pray that these will subside and we can return full-time to Papua. I am able to come to the HeartCry office to study, work on my translation, and start seeking out new works in and around Papua and PNG. Please pray for these efforts. I have learned not to over extend myself. My dear wife, Trish, always keep me in check so I do not relapse. God is so good to give me a wife like her. Plus, the staff here at HeartCry are very understanding and have encouraged us greatly. I had a brother here at HeartCry tell me that my job right now is to rest, study, pray, and do what I am physically able to do regarding seeking out new works. He went on to tell me this is all the grace of God. When I am in bed and depressed from that powerful mosquito, it’s grace. When I am in the office and able to study for 4 hours, it’s grace. That is exactly what I needed to hear. 

I have some blood work coming up next week. My neurologist has not opened his office yet to start treatment on my face and eyes. Please pray that these muscles and nerves heal. If the Lord chooses not to restore my eye troubles, facial paralyses, and fatigue I will rejoice and press on to know Him and serve Him wherever. Please pray we can return to Papua. However, the Lord has done a work in me to be content living in the States for however long is needed. I am very thankful to be able to study once again (even though it’s not but for several hours), and speak to the HeartCry evangelists once a week. 

Also, for the first time since October of last year, I was able to give a devotion in Indonesian to the HeartCry men and women throughout Indonesia via zoom. This is a huge blessing considering several months ago, I could not hold a thought or speak to anyone. 

God bless you,

Paul Snider