Vakesh is serving as a leader in a Nepali church in North India, where he ministers to the families within the congregation while also seeking to reach the Nepali population in his city who have yet to hear the Gospel.

By God’s grace, Vakesh’s church became autonomous on September 1st, 2015, meaning that they are able to fully support him financially.

Testimony of Conversion

My Name is Vakesh T. I was born in a Hindu family in Nepal, and I have one sister and one brother. When I was young, I had a lot of faith in my gods and was very much involved in all the religious activities, but I had no peace. When I was 20 years old I got married, and at that time neither my wife nor I were believers. After we were married, we began working for the communist party in our country. While we were there we had no house, and we continued to live without God. We used to live in the jungle and would even persecute the churches and the believers who lived there.

In 2003, I became very sick, and decided to go to a good hospital in a city in North India. I thought that once my health improved, I would then return to continue working with the communist party. However, there was no improvement in my health, so I had to stay in India. Eventually my wife and my son, along with my brother and his family, moved into a small house with me in this city.

After moving to India, I continued to strive to please my gods. One day a lady, who was our next-door neighbor, starting talking to us. She became a good friend of our family and started telling us about Jesus. We listened to her, but we never believed in the message she told us. However, she continued to talk to us and pray for our family, and in answer to her prayers, I decided to go to church with her. At this point, I had sought peace and fulfillment in basically everything else, so I thought I might as well try going to church also. When I went to the church, I felt a peace in my heart because the people were very friendly. I decided to continue to go to this church, and people of the church always prayed for me. The concerns and prayers of the believers there made me feel at home, and I felt like a part of that church.

When I told my wife and parents that I was going to this church, they did not like it. My family began opposing me. My wife was especially opposed to my decision to go to church, and she tried to keep me from going. However, they began to notice a change in my life, and they were quite pleased with my improvements. I kept going to the church and the whole church prayed for my family. One day, my wife came with me to church, and then even my parents started going. In this church, the Lord Jesus saved me from my sins and I was baptized in August 2005. My wife also was saved by the grace of God, and around the same time my mother also believed and was baptized. After a few months, my father and my brother were saved as well, and they were baptized.

Some time later, I was able to find a Nepali fellowship in the city where we live in India, and I started attending there. As I grew in this congregation, I started serving more as a leader and visiting families in their homes to spend time with them in prayer and fellowship. God has given me a desire to reach the Nepali people. Please pray that we would be able to preach the Gospel to the un-reached.

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