Dear All,

Blessings to you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am excited to share with you about my ministry here in North India. I am the pastor of P______ F_______ (Nepali church), which was started in the year 1999. Our church has around sixty adults that meet together. I am of Nepali origin, married, and have two sons (11 and 8 years old). The Lord has been gracious to allow me to fulfill the desire of my heart, and to work among the Nepali people who live in the city.

The condition of Nepali people in the city is not very pleasant. Most of these families came to the city as refugees, having escaped the political unrest in Nepal in the year 1996. With no education or money, these refugees started working as house helps, and other poorly paying jobs. Slowly, their situation has become better, but still most of these families belong to the lower income group. On an average, most of them work about 14 hours a day. All of these families hail from a Hindu background and are highly superstitious when it comes to the topic of Faith.

It is not an easy task to work among them, as they don’t have much time to spare, and are uninterested in the message of the gospel. It truly takes a commitment to God’s glory to press forward. However, the laboring has not been in vain. By the grace of our Savior, we were able to see a new church plant in April 2015 among the same people group. In this new church plant, there are about twenty-five adults who meet regularly on Sunday mornings.

Please pray for these two Nepali churches (both the old and the new), that the Lord may bless the work of the gospel among these people. Please pray for my family, especially my father, as he is suffering from cancer and is in his last stage. Pray that God would bless the labor in both of these churches, especially as we begin looking at training new elders from these churches to further advance the ministry among the Nepali people here.

In Christ,

Vakesh T.