Hanan was saved out of a Catholic background. She currently serves in her church doing administration, women’s ministry, and evangelism among refugees. HeartCry began supporting Hanan so that she could give all of her time to ministry with the church.

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Testimony of Conversion

My name is Hanan. I grew up as a Catholic. But after I graduated from engineering school and began working, I could no longer attend mass because of my schedule. In the beginning I didn’t care, but after a while I had a dream about Jesus. He said to me: “Don’t go away from me. I love you.” In the morning I went to my mother (who had been saved a couple years earlier) and told her about my dream. She said that I needed to go to church because Jesus is mad at me for ignoring Him. She invited me to attend her church which had a service every Saturday – my day off of work.

I felt that God wanted me to go, but when I found out that it was a Baptist church I changed my mind. I told my mother, “Don’t ask me to go again because that’s not my church. I want to go to the Catholic Church. My mom continued to ask me again and again to go just for one day. I was so angry with her because I felt she was trying to force me to go, but finally I gave in to her and went.

When I attended the church I felt so happy. The pastor was Abu Munahid. As he was preaching I felt that he was an honest man. The things he was saying really made me think and want to come back to hear more, which for me was an amazing feeling. The next Saturday I told my mom that I will come with her to church again and she started to cry. I was also very happy but I didn’t want to let her know because I was afraid she would start asking me to go with her every Saturday. But because Jesus was happy I went every Saturday to the church. When the church meeting was changed to Sundays, I asked my manager to let me change my schedule so I could go to church. When he agreed, I was so thankful to my Lord.

In 2013, I married a young man who was also attending the church. Several months after we were married, we participated in a class that was taught by Sharif and his wife. This class helped us so much in our marriage. After this I began helping minister to other women in the church. Then my husband and I wanted to find more opportunities for ministry in the church, so we started going with Sharif to do ministry among Muslim refugees.

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