Glory to my Lord, He is good, He is Kind, He is great. I thank God for you, brothers and sisters. Thank you for reading our reports and caring to know about us.

Praise God, I finally delivered my baby boy three months ago. He is so beautiful! I thank God for His great gifts every day. My health is very good and I didn’t feel much pain during the surgery. Every day in the morning my husband and I start our day praying and thanking the Lord. This month I will start attending the Saturday women’s meetings again.

Because I took a long vacation (10 weeks), I was not able to visit any of the refugees or to do any ministry in the church. My doctor had put me on rest bed a week before my C-section and 10 weeks afterward. Thankfully, I am back to work and able to continue the ministry among women.

Please pray for my friend Abeer. I met her at the ministry office and discovered that she is a Christian. I started to build a relationship with her and now she is my best friend. Three weeks ago she sent a heart-breaking message to me by Whatsapp. She had been watching a Christian film on her phone when her husband caught her started beating her. She told me that her left eye was injured so badly that she can’t see through it. Her husband refused to take her to the hospital because he was afraid of telling the doctor the truth. Her kids were entreating him to take her to the hospital, but he said that she should be quiet and not tell anyone what happened. Then the kids urged their mom to not say anything to the doctor but to tell him that she fell down. That is what she did. I don’t know what to say. My heart breaks when she calls and cries on the phone. I prayed to my Lord to protect her from the worst in the future.

Please pray for the Syrian and Iraqi refugee families that we are ministering to. Please also pray for my new baby boy and my friend Abeer. Thank you brothers and sisters for reading our reports carefully, we really appreciate that. God bless you and your families.