Emy & Camy Ivan

Emanuel and Cami Ivan are joyful and diligent servants of Christ. They minister in the village of Zizin where Emanuel has started a new work. It is encouraging to witness their enthusiasm in serving Christ. In this month’s report, Brother Ivan shares about some of the ministry opportunities that he has been involved in.

I am encouraged by the way that the Lord Jesus is guiding us in the ministry of spreading the gospel especially in the village of Zizin. By God’s grace, we had many opportunities to preach the Word of Life to several new families. We visited Gabi and Ramona and were glad to see that they were open to the gospel. They have four children and the youngest one, which is seven months old, has Down Syndrome and is deaf. We prayed for him and would like to keep praying for his healing. We know that the Lord perform a miracle. One day, we didn’t know where we should go. We prayed and the Lord guided us to visit this family. We want to visit them again and to disciple them, as they are open to this.

We prayed that the Lord would add new families to our ministry in Zizin and the Lord answered our prayers. Through God’s grace, we visited Celi and Catalin and we also met Celi’s brother, Cosmin, and his wife, Madalina. We met Ana, Celi’s friend, as well. The Lord gave us so much grace in the preaching of the gospel. Ana and Celi prayed and asked the Lord to save them. The Lord had prepared their hearts before our coming and, when they heard the gospel, they received it gladly. Please pray for Celi’s husband, Catalin, who is still pondering what he should do. Please also pray for Cosmin and Madalina.

We focused more on the ministry in Zizin this month. I talked to a young man, Marius, who had been released from prison the day before. He told us he had heard God’s Word in prison and had been baptized, but it was obvious that he hadn’t had a real meeting with the Lord Jesus. His heart seemed to hard, as he was a quite violent person, which is also why he had been to prison.

By God’s grace, we had the wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel to Iliuta and Ionut. They are not married and have three beautiful children together. Their hearts are open as they listened carefully to the Word. They want to hear more from God’s Word.

We also visited a poor family. Tavi has nasal cancer. His wife was raised in an orphanage. Her name is Maria. The doctors refused to perform surgery and sent him home. He’s in great pain. We prayed for him and his family. He has several married children and also grandchildren. They heard the gospel message and confessed they had never heard it like this before. We would like to help them with blankets and clothes for the children and maybe also with food supplies.

We read the Gospel of Matthew with the brothers and sisters that attend our church services. It is a great joy for us to teach these people to love God’s Word. The Lord is merciful and he speaks to us in a wonderful way.