I am praising God for this opportunity of reporting about the things that happened in the ministry on this month. And thank you all who are praying and supporting us.

I want to share a testimony of sister Pichamma who has been attending church for the last few weeks. Whenever she comes to the church she requests that we pray for her son’s health, who was suffering from continual sickness. Her thoughts behind attending the church, is if she attends the church regularly, the Jesus who is being worshipped might heal her son, based on her faithfulness. Through the preaching of the gospel, she realized that she was a sinner from birth, and in great need herself. Her whole attitude and desires have now changed. Please pray for her, as we are waiting to baptize her. We want to make sure that she understands, is grounded, and rooted fully in Jesus. Please continue to pray for the ministry.

Thanking you.

Yours Brother in Christ,