Marshal Kasongo is pastor of Mapalo Reformed Baptist Church in Ndola, Zambia. In a recent report, Marshal tells of an evangelistic outreach where he heard a very surprising story:

“Our ongoing evangelism outreach is gaining momentum through church activities and good individual participation from the church members. We have received 12 new regular attenders in our church meetings from July to October, 7 women and 5 men. These people have shown some consistency in terms of attendance on the Lord’s Day. We are doing follow-up visits with them and soon I intend to begin one-to-one discipleship lessons.

One of these new attenders, Mr. Michael Liholosi, has quite a story. When we met him during one of our Saturday evangelistic outreaches, he testified to me how he slept in our unfinished church building for three months in 2001. He had come to the Copperbelt from western Zambia to look for employment. He found a job but needed accommodation. So he looked for the closest township to his new employer, which happened to be our township of Mapalo. He came to Mapalo in the night and started sleeping in our unfinished church building. Mr Liholosi slept inside our church building for three months, even after he had started receiving his salary. During this period of time, he did not have much peace, but pledged to the Lord that one day he would come and be part of the church that provided him accommodation without their knowledge. But many years passed and the devil hindered him greatly, until now when I finally met him. Praise the Lord, I shared the gospel with him and he has started coming to church and confessed Christ.”