It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thanks to God for His goodness till today in my family and to my church believers and also hoping God’s goodness in your life too.

A man named Ram Pratav is in touch with me. I am visiting and telling the gospel to him time to time. Ram told me that they receive salvation by good works. I told him that we all are sinner and no one is righteous. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Only Jesus did the perfect deeds for us and through Him we have received salvation. So, salvation is not by our good works but through faith in Jesus Christ. He accepted that he couldn’t do good deeds perfectly. But he asked me that that why Christians do good deeds? I told him that we don’t do good deeds in order to get salvation but we do good deeds because God has given us salvation already and now we do good deeds because to honor and praise Him.

In this month I got opportunity to know brother Hari Darlami. We introduced to each other and spend times for some hours. I told him about Christ but he didn’t know about this. So I told more about Christ to him. While sharing the gospel to him he was very interested. I told him the reasons of Christ coming in this world. I told that Adam our forefather disobeyed to God and got the penalty of death. Through him all human race are in sin and therefor all are sinner and no one is right in God’s side. As I told this he accepted that he is sinner and have done no good things perfectly. I gave hope in Christ that God loves the world that He gave His only son Jesus Christ. Those who believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life. It was wonderful time with him to share His good news. He is taking interest in gospel. May God help me to visit him again and may God open his heart and mind to know Him and accept Christ as his Savior.

It is my thanks to HeartCry for providing the book in our own language. This month I study the book “Church Elders.” From this book I recognized my weakness as an elder. I used to think that elder have less works in the church or for believers but as I read the book I knew that I have great responsibility for His church. It is my prayers that may God use me for His works in coming days that I may serve Him faithfully.

Sincerely, Sannu K.