Dear HeartCry In love of the Savior Jesus Christ, our Lord, may the Lord bless all of your family with peace, health and prosperity. Thank you for your interest and remember the family and me since last September, with the wind and rain, my family was not well. But thanks be to God, through prayer, we go to hospital and take medication, and were cured. I thank God for blessing me to buy electronic piano to learn piano, to teach children to sing hymns, and to worship God that is the joy of our family. I really thank God very much.

In May 9/2016, God was gracious to me when I invited the neighboring couple to attend 12-year anniversary of the independence of the Baptist Joshua Church. After hearing the Word of God through Pastor Solomon, they believed in Christ and my wife and I are guiding and helping them to the Lord.

In recent months the work of God is going well. We are caring for and teaching religion in our district and they have opened their hearts to receive the word of God sincerely. We told them the story in the Bible about God’s faith in the tribulation and challenges. On 09/ 30/ 2016, we also continue to organize “ Love Meal” program for more than 20 people in a believer’s house; thank God, they are listening to the Word of God through Pastor Harvey and we had a fun day of fellowship together.

May the Lord also blessed here among these believers and form a new Church. Pray for our missionary ministry in the days to come.

Sincerely, Chi G.