The Lord has shown His faithfulness this month toward all of us in the church, as He continues to sustain us by His grace and mercy. We are growing in the knowledge of the Lord and in each of our meetings together we are setting our minds and hearts on Christ and His work on our behalf.

As I mentioned in a past report, there is a family visiting the church that has been at the point of divorce for some time, and in the midst of the family problems, their youngest daughter attempted to take her own life. When the mother found out about her daughter’s desire to kill herself, she sought me out in order to talk with her through her family problems. We shared the Gospel with her, along with the rest of her family, and we began meeting together to study the Scriptures and counsel them through their problems. By God’s grace, she came to two of our church’s Sunday meetings last month. Please pray for this family.

I also mentioned in a past report that my wife met the owner of a perfume seller to whom we gave tracts. On a second visit, my wife had a more extensive conversation with her and invited her to participate in our Sunday church meeting. Thanks to the Lord, she came. Please continue praying for her salvation.

On the other hand, the brothers and sisters of the church are continuing to be discipled, and we are thankful to the Lord because they are showing a constant desire to learn and know more of God through the Scriptures. At the same time, we are continuing to carry out personal evangelism every Sunday with some of the believers from the church.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I ask your prayers for the church and for my family, that we might be faithful in the work the Lord has given us, resting only in the Cross of Christ.