God is showing us more of the different opportunities that we have to serve him, particularly through a brother that began coming to our church last year. Manuel was in Cuzco with his work for eight months and became a part of our congregation, and he was also discipled by us during that time period. He has now had to return home to Lima, but in that particular part of Lima, he has been unable to find a church. Over the months since he has been back home he has been sharing the Word of God with his wife and children, and he has also been inviting people to his home to have meetings where they read the Scriptures and listen to sermons on the internet together.

That is how he and his family have been growing over the past three months, and on my last trip to Lima in March for the conference on Biblical Counseling, I was able to go and visit with them in their home. He shared with me how he is learning more about God, and I could see, brothers and sisters, how Manuel and his wife have grown in the Lord and how they call all their neighbors together to hear the messages and read the Scriptures. It was beautiful to see them and to know that they continue growing in the faith, and to see Manuel’s desire to continue proclaiming the Gospel, and if the Lord wills, begin a church plant.

There have been others who have come through our congregation and then moved to Lima, such as our brother Hartur along with the Olea family. These are brothers and sisters that were with us in Cuzco but have now had to move on.