I give thanks to God for permitting us to serve Him for the glory of His name. It truly is precious to have the conviction that what we do is for His glory. This month God has been leading us to disciple a family that has attended our services. Thanks be to God, we are able to instruct them through the Word and they are forming sincere convictions leading to godliness in their lives. Each week we meet with them for several hours. We also go once a week with this family to see their two sons who are in prison, to spend time speaking with and instructing them together in the Word. Though at first they were both very reluctant to listen to the Word, we are now seeing them progress in their desire to learn about God. Every time we go they have many questions, and as we work with them through the Scriptures, we are seeing how God is revealing Himself to them and also teaching them about their own spiritual condition.

In the same way, we are thankful to God for His recent provision in our church. It seems that every time we meet as a church the Lord is bringing new people that have come across our web page and sermons on the internet. Several have come from very heretical denominations. There is also an increasing desire among members in the congregation for evangelism, and even some of the newer members of the church are going out with us to share the Gospel. We are growing as a family of believers, and the church is more and more joyful to join with one another in service to the Lord.