HeartCry has just provided a much-needed 4X4 vehicle for the missionaries in the Irkutsk region. These men travel thousands of miles every month taking the gospel to cities and villages that are otherwise cut-off from the gospel and have no church among them. They also make regular visits to the smaller churches that they have planted in the surrounding area. They do this in order to encourage the pastors of these churches, provide the people with good books and resources, and help them to evangelize effectively in their communities.

The only way for them to travel to all of these places is by car, but even this proves to be a challenging endeavor. The roads that connect all of these far-away cities are in terrible condition. In the past, the missionaries have, at times, risked their lives as they travel these roads with unreliable 2-wheel-drive cars. We count it a privilege to have been able to help with such a need, and we pray that they will get many years and miles out of this Honda CRV 4X4.