Dear friends and supporters,

First of all, I would like to give you our best greetings and love. May God keep pouring his exceeding love and care on you in abundance.

In May, my wife and I have some trouble with our health but I still give thanks to God that our family has been kept safely in peace throughout another month. I am so thankful to God, on the morning of the 22nd, my daughter-in-law begot a child weigh 3kg. At first, his lungs were very weak and had trouble breathing. We were praying for him day and night. After 13 days in the hospital, both mother and the child could finally come home safe and sound. We are still giving prayers that he would become strong and healthier. Please remember to pray for my grandson and his mother.

I am thankful to God, in the previous month I held a doctrinal class about Baptism with 3 learners in the Church. I am so thankful that all 3 of them came to the class regularly in 2 days. It was so blessed that I can be a child of God, that He has called and chosen me to be the leader of His church in this area. I pray to God for His hands on the followers’ faithful hearts, obedience and fear of Lord. May God keep blessing and strengthening me, so I can be more courageous in my missionary. Please also remember to pray for the Church and my missionary also.

On the behalf of our family, I am so faithfully thankful for your continuous help for such long time. May God keep blessing on your good work and be with you in the time to come. 

Dahn K.