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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Starting a new year gives us the chance to ponder our spiritual condition, and most importantly, rededicate ourselves to the searching out of the glory of God in the face of Christ. If we are able to achieve anything in 2020, to advance in any way, or even to remain standing steadfast it will be only by God’s grace and through His strength.

Exposición Biblias
The Exposition of the Spanish Bible provided many opportunities to dialog with people about the Scriptures, their veracity and relevancy for the modern man. What a great opportunity!

In these past weeks, we have had extraordinary opportunities to openly preach the Gospel in public spaces, not only in our church’s hometown of Marin, Spain but also in the town of Lalin, where we are laboring to establish a new church plant. In the last few months, we have organized several conferences to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the first Spanish Bible translated from the original languages. In each conference, we were able to explain to believers and unbelievers the history of the Bible and the great urgency of its message. Most importantly, these conferences opened the door for us to preach the gospel and hand out Bibles and New Testaments to several local unbelievers.

During the Christmas holidays, the city hall gave us permission to use the town’s auditorium to celebrate a special Christmas service. Many unbelievers attended and were able to hear a clear and uncompromised presentation of the gospel. Although Christmas season is now over, we will continue to preach the gospel and to implore those around us to be reconciled to God on Christ’s behalf! At the Farmer’s Market in Lalin, many farmers and vendors set up tables on Main Street to promote or sell their goods. We also put out a Bible Table to give away the Scriptures, tracks, and other evangelistic literature. Recently, a woman approached us because she was curious to know if our Bible was an “honest” translation—Catholics have been told that the “protestant” Bible is incomplete. I praise God that I was able to open the Scripture to her and go far beyond merely showing her the index! Like so many Catholics, she believed that both Christ and Mary have a part in her salvation. This gave me the opportunity to take her to the different passages of the Scriptures that declare Christ alone by faith alone. I praise God that she stayed long enough to hear that Christ is the one and only all-sufficient Savior. May the Lord have mercy on her, and on all those who have heard the gospel!

We are certain that there is no other way for the salvation of the lost and the equipping of the saints but faithful Bible proclamation. We believe that we have been called and set apart by God for this very purpose and will endeavor to devote ourselves to this task for as long as the Lord allows. However, in the last months, we have encountered growing defiance of biblical expository preaching even in the midst of our own congregation. There are a few people who profess faith in Christ but are not fond of our zeal for preaching and doctrine. We ask you to pray for this matter so that the name of Christ is neither diminished nor blasphemed, especially by those who supposedly carry the Christian banner.

In spite of some troubles, I thank the Lord for what He is doing in our congregation, particularly in three young men who have begun to study the Bible with me. They were each born and raised in the church, but it has not been until recently that the Lord has turned their hearts to a profound desire to understand Biblical truths. During this last year, I have seen them grow in wisdom, discernment, and love for the Scriptures. This has impacted their families, and now their wives have also joined a women’s discipleship group led by my wife, Olga.

This month, we will be restarting our classes for the students at Berea Seminary. Lord willing, I will be teaching a class on Theology Proper. We thank God that we have more than 40 students coming from all over the country of Spain. We pray that their training will have a great impact on their lives and churches.

Please continue to pray for Heber and his precious family as he seeks to evangelize the lost, pastor a congregation, train elder-qualified men, and start new churches.

As for our family, my wife and I are so thankful to God for His care! Our daughters Alejandra and Lucia (6 and 4 years old respectively) are constantly exposed to the gospel, and we pray that the Lord might save them for His glory. We also ask prayer for our youngest, Benjamin (18 months) who is scheduled to go through surgery in order to close a branchial fistula. Also, please pray for Gloria, my mother-in-law, who has been recently diagnosed with Leukemia. We trust that the Lord will strengthen and comfort her in the midst of this ordeal.

In conclusion, may the Lord work in 2020 in a singular way—saving souls and sanctifying His people to love Him, honor Him, and proclaim Him. May we be found faithful, knowing that we are in God’s hands.

Thank you so much for your love and support! We are deeply grateful!

In Christ,  

Heber Torres


A Year of Blessing

A Year of Blessing