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In his year-end update, Pastor Blessings Ndhlovu shares several encouraging signs that the church in Twatasha, Zambia is finally maturing:

Pastor Blessings Ndhlovu

“2019 has been a special year for us at Faith Baptist Church Twatasha for many reasons. This is the first year we have enjoyed having deacons in the church. They have taken some of the load off the pastor. The deacons have done many of the home visits, and have done much of the church worship preparations.  Every Sunday they make sure that all things in the church are in order. They make sure all preparations are made for observing the Lord’s Table. They look after the cleanliness of the church premises. They are really helping and supportive in the ministry.

Fbct Deacons
The new deacons of Faith Baptist Church

It’s our first year we have had serious men’s Bible study.  Our church has struggled to have solid men, or even just men that have a thirst for the word of God. The men that we started with are all gone. Most of them have gone back to the life of drunkenness and smoking, and gone to other church where they accept drunkenness. It’s really not that we chased them away, but they failed to live among us because of their true nature and character. Thankfully this year we have been meeting with the men having Bible studies. We have looked at the duty of a husband at home. All these men are new members of our church who have a thirst for learning.

Fbct Men
Faith Baptist men’s group enjoying food and fellowship.

This is the first year we’ve had a good number of visitors that have actually stayed and want to join the church membership. Previously we’ve been having visitors, but most of the time it’s just a one-time thing and they’re gone. But this year we have about 4 adults that are sticking with us.

In that number is a couple that is also in the baptism class and probably will be baptized next year after we finish the classes. The husband approached me some months ago expressing gratitude for the church and expressing interest in joining. When I asked him about how he got saved, he couldn’t be clear about it, so I shared the gospel to him. He went home and gave his life to Christ that same night. His background is Jehovah’s Witness, and the man is so zealous and he has become an encouragement to other men.

Fbct Baptism Couple
Mr. and Mrs. Mumbi who are preparing for baptism.

This year we had our first wedding officiated by the pastor. Previously we have had some of our young people getting married, but all the time there was sin involved. I didn’t get involved in the wedding lest I make things seem ok with the church or God. They were put on church discipline. But with this one the church was involved from the first day of the relationship until now. The pastor helped in relationship counseling. This wedding set a good example for the rest of the church members of FBCT, as we tried our best to be biblical in all that we did.”