Muslim Women

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

My hometown is undergoing serious circumstances with the radical Islamic militia surrounding the city and the radical groups are on the rise within the city.  The last two years there have been many cases of human rights violation, and it is reported that at least three women have been stoned by radical Muslims and one women lashed publicly in the city by a local judge. 

I am deeply concerned for my parents and younger siblings (some of them are believers) and they have even suffered a hard time at the local school.  We have agreed that they need to move to the bigger city in the west of the country. This will be hard on them as they have to leave their birth place in such old age and move to a new location. I feel responsible for most of this and worry that they might get hurt by the radical groups because of me. 

Please pray for their safe relocation, for God’s provision for them, and for God to work in their hearts to know Him and trust Him in hard times.  Thank you.