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Ukraine crisis relief efforts… I continue to carry several responsibilities related to humanitarian help, organizing food and meds transports, overseeing housing situations, importing containers with humanitarian goods, among other things. Praise God, I was able to pass on some of the work to other people, and some work has reached an endpoint. I feel like I’m gradually being released to focus more on pastoral ministry to the people God entrusted me.

The church keeps growing. I think every week we have some new visitors. Recently, I preached a sermon on the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. Part of the sermon involved addressing abuse in the charismatic movement. 

As I preached, I saw a new couple sitting at church. I approached them after the service and asked them what they thought about the preaching. 

They told me that they come from a charismatic church. I assured them that I didn’t know they were coming, and the sermon wasn’t targeting them. This was about five weeks ago and they have been coming to our church every other week. The man wants to continue going to the charismatic church every other week for now, and his wife is actually still a Roman Catholic, but she wants to come to our church every week. Please pray for them (Patrick and Kathy).

This year, our city celebrates its 500 year anniversary. Every week is full of city events. Last week, there was a discussion on religious minorities in our city, and I was invited to be in the panel. Our church was able to set up a mini booth with gospel tracts. 

Apart from discussing history and Protestantism, I was able to clearly explain the Gospel during the panel. What a great opportunity it was! Our city is very loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, so allowing us to be part of a public event such as this was very unique.

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Trials in Japan

Trials in Japan