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Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise God for the privilege and joy He gave men to form families, multiply and be fruitful. Our Lord has blessed the local church with two new babies, and it is a joy to see our Lord’s power through their little lives. We are already praying for their salvation, and for them to live; giving worship and Glory to our God. We are all created for His glory!


Japan legalized abortions in 1949, more than a decade earlier than other industrialized countries. Japan used to be an “abortion tourism” destination for foreigners. Today, many immigrant women workers are encouraged by their jobs and the Japanese abortion culture to kill their babies so they can continue working. Those who do not get abortions are often fired.

Many immigrant ladies who killed their children in the past have now found God’s forgiveness through the Gospel. Please pray for God to protect all these immigrant women in Japan who are being pushed, threatened, and facilitated to kill their babies for the sake of keeping their jobs.


God has blessed our church with some brothers and sisters that have a heart to teach God’s Word.

I remember years ago when my wife and I were the only bible teachers. Right now, we see our young men growing, and they are being trained to teach God’s Word to our children. Please pray that our Lord will help us to continue training and encouraging these men to teach God’s Word, and to keep an eye open for the ones that will become faithful men. We pray that they would be qualified to teach others and serve through missions like good soldiers of Christ, and be the next generation to lead our church.

2 Timothy 2:2-3: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”


In February, I was invited to share God’s Word in a non-denominational school at an Elementary Chapel time. My usual schedule is to teach adults and young people during the week, so I was praying to God to lead me in how to share the Gospel to nine years old children.

I prepared slides and songs, but the most critical aspect of my lesson came when our Lord encouraged me to not simplify the message too much because of their age, but to share the Gospel as if it was their only chance to hear it. It is always unknown how a non-denominational school will respond to the truths of the Gospel but praise God that the organizer asked me to continue teaching at the ES Chapels throughout the year!

I am thankful to God; apart from volunteering as a soccer coach at the school, now I have the privilege of volunteering to teach elementary school students the Word of God! I have to travel a long distance, but what a joy and rare privilege it is to be able to teach God’s Word to students in Japan. Please pray that God will continue helping me to deliver a clear and biblical Gospel message and for God to move these little children to repentance, faith, and salvation.


Some years ago, I was going just with my family every month to share God’s word and meals with the homeless in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Today we have four teams that are rotating every month. Praise God for the small reports that we receive from every trip.

This past visit, one of the homeless was very open to hearing about Christ and even accepted a Japanese Bible. Normally, we think that the homeless problem is just a financial crisis, and a financial need, but the real problem is that they are in a spiritual and emotional crisis. Every day that they wake up their greatest need is neither meals or drinks, but help for the mental and spiritual crisis that forced them to live there.

Some of them are very elderly, and others are self isolating; rejecting contact and communication with anyone. Please pray for God’s mercy to be poured on them, and upon all the homeless in the world. Praise God for giving us the privilege to deliver assistance and help in Jesus’ name.


In the second year our church was formed, we started up a church retreat. Our church goes to cabins next to Mount Fuji to rest, renew our commitment with Christ, serve, and study God’s word.

Our lessons for this retreat was titled “Connecting with the Next Generation,” from Psalms 145 and Judges 2. It was great to have all our church united and studying God’s word through the weekend. There was no children group, youth group, or adult group, but we were all together discussing and learning from God’s word.

One surprise and blessing came in the form of one of our oldest members preparing a worship song with one of our youngest children even before they knew the topic for our retreat.

Please pray that our Lord will lead more adults and young people to spend time preparing songs, studying, and serving our Lord together. Our faithfulness, love for God’s word, service, and sacrifice for Christ is the testimony that will help the next generation glorify God, and praise the wonders of His works.

“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.” Psalms 145:4

Thank you always for all your prayers, encouragement and support.

In Christ, Luis Ramirez