God is willing to listen to our prayer! Starting from the day that the city was locked down, the church in Wuhan began praying for 24 hours non-stop. Brothers and sisters have been taking turns praying to our God every day. It has been 57 days. Christians around the world are praying with us too. Pray for God’s people who are witnessing for Christ on the streets. God cares for us, and not only keeps us safe but also sustains the fruits of our work.

Hundreds of people in the church proclaimed the gospel on the streets during the city’s closure and also helped the desperate people. At most, there are more than 400 people a day preaching the gospel on the streets. So far, all have been safe except for one sister who was infected. During this period, several people got symptoms such as fever and dry cough, but after the brothers and sisters prayed, the symptoms disappeared. God has mercy on His children.

As of March 16, a total of 321,264 masks, 6,918 goggles, 2,275 sets of protective clothing, 3,385 raincoats for those working outside in the rain, 923 bottles of alcohol for disinfection, 318 bottles of sterilization tablets, 213 bags of sterilization tablets, 1290 plates of sterilization tablets, 1 kg of sterile tablets, 93,186 disposable gloves, 99 face masks, 955 bottles of VC, and 1,715 boxes of instant noodles, plus all kinds of foods, have been distributed.

The Lord regenerates our corrupt life; we are so small and weak, but being used by the Lord. We had nothing, but God has more than enough to provide and adds strength to us. How precious is the Lord’s love! Let us also strive to run for the Lord, leaving everything for His gospel!