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This report came in a few weeks ago, before the quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak. At this moment, the churches in Spain are closed and citizens are confined to their homes.

Dear Brethren of HeartCry

Scriptures repeatedly show us that the Lord’s hand is not so short that it cannot save. Even in the midst of difficult times, God is powerful to change lives in an unexpected and radical way. When you see such power displayed it humbles you. It moves you to acknowledge that Salvation belongs to God, and His church exists only because of Him and for His glory.

These past months, I have continued my regular activities at church but have also begun preaching the gospel in a Monday night class called “What is Christianity?” Even though it is not a large group, several non-believers have begun attending and the Lord has been working outstandingly in some of them. Three people in the class have already asked for baptism: a former LGTB activist; a guy who was attending a Catholic seminary to become a priest; and a girl married to a man who left a church in order to marry her. Each has different backgrounds and experiences but the person and works of Christ have equally impacted them all. They have all repented from their sins, finding in Christ the peace they were desperately trying to obtain through worldly things. My wife Olga is discipling the two women and a church elder is discipling the man.  There are five other people already enrolled in our baptism classes. Although their testimonies may not be as “spectacular” as the first three that I mentioned, their salvation glorifies God and demonstrates that salvation is His exclusive work. We pray the Lord will confirm their profession of faith and that He will keep adding to His church those who are to be saved (Acts 2:47). Lord willing, we will be having a baptism service before summer.

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Missionary Heber Torres preaching in his congregation. We so appreciate his devotion to the spiritual means that the Lord has given His ministers—the Word of God, intercessory prayer, and sacrificial service.

The Lord has also granted us several opportunities to share the gospel in the town of Lalin where there is no church. We still do not get any visitors to the “formal” Bible studies we are carrying out, but we have been able to witness to all kinds of people that stop by our table at the Farmer’s market. I even had the chance to engage in a deep conversation about Christ with a Muslim for over two hours! Even though he was initially reluctant to open the Bible, he finally agreed to listen to several passages of Scriptures and ended up taking a Bible home. We have been traveling weekly to this town for years. Although no one has been saved, we rest in the Lord, knowing that He will work according to His perfect will.

A few weeks ago I was invited to preach in a country church about 60 miles north of my home. More than a century after its opening, the church stills looks very much like the one the English missionaries built. The church recently experienced a division, resulting in a devastating negative impact in such a small town. It has left the remaining brethren deeply discouraged. Sadly, this is not an isolated case. There are many “historical” churches that are undergoing the same spiritual problems because they lack solid Bible teaching. We pray the Lord will send servants who will be faithful to the Word and with deep zeal to preach the gospel of Christ.

The Lord is good and He takes care of our family. We are so thankful to Him for having the privilege to instruct our three children in the fear of the Lord. May the Lord use His Word to bring salvation to their lives.

Thank you so much for your prayers and commitment to the ministry of the Gospel here in Spain. We rest in His grace, and we are grateful for the generosity and vision of His people.

In Christ,

Heber Torres

Bellville Sunset
South Africa

He Cursed Me!

He Cursed Me!