It is always joyful to share about God’s grace and faithfulness in our life. I am so thankful to our Lord, He who brought me in His light from the darkness of sins. I also thank to HeartCry and my brothers and sisters in Christ for your continuous prayer, encouragements and supports. It is a privilege that God has given me to study His word in PTS, Goa. God is so gracious and faithful to me in my day to day life. He guided me by the Holy Spirit and strengthened to complete first year theological study. Through this 9 months period, I learned many things in PT

While going through these classes, one of things I learned is sufficiency of Scripture. God has given us Scripture which is the great treasure of our life, which is inerrant. I learned, it is sufficient for salvation and guide me to live Holy life in a manner worthy of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It calls me to bow down my knee before God and learn from Him. Another thing that I learned from classes is Christ-centered preaching through OT and NT text, clearly observing the “Fallen Condition Focus” in the text and solution that comes from Christ.

Now, I have three months summer vacation from March to end of May. It is a part of the Internship for seminary students, where they involve in ministry in their local church. I am leaving for Nepal on Monday. It will be good time for me to have fellowship with my family and church members. I am planing to involve in ministry with Brother Silas and learn practical aspect of ministry from him, who has been already in ministry as a faithful servant of Christ. I am traveling by train. I request to you all my brothers and sisters to pray for my journey and also for my time and internship in Nepal.

In Christ,
Doug G.