As a local church we are growing together as we disciple those who were recently baptized. We also continue preaching the gospel in the streets and carrying out studies in homes. God in His grace has given us faithful men to work alongside me and the other pastor in the expansion of the kingdom.

The Lord has helped me in the restoration of a brother whom He has brought to a renewed repentance. He also brought a married couple to repentance and faith. The couple came to Christ in the worst of conditions, but God in His kindness and love has granted them the knowledge of Himself, and they are now being taught the Word of God.

Also, I would like to share with you that I was able to visit and help brother Silvio Valdez who is pastoring the church in the village of Charan Grande. I was there for a weekend and on Saturday I shared the gospel with the family members of an elderly lady. She is a sister that is in very delicate health, and before she parts to be with the Lord she asked that the gospel be preached once more to all of her family members who are not believers. The place where she lives is an hour from Charan Grande and it is a very dangerous terrain to travel on, but when it comes to preaching the gospel we should be ready to give everything out of love for those that will be heirs of salvation.

Once we were there we stayed until very late into the night, around 12:30’am. There was hunger for the Word of the Lord among the family members. Later we returned to Charan Grande and arrived at around 3:30’am. We rested a couple hours and then awoke again for the worship service with all the saints there. I am grateful to God because He allowed me to share His Word with the brothers and sisters of Charan Grande and spend a good time with brother Silvio.