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Family Update

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The last two weeks of this month were a little rough for my family because of the sickness that fell on us. I had malaria first, and then my wife and kids were affected a couple days later. We have seen the Lord’s goodness in how He has healed all of us. During the time that I was unwell, I was blessed to see how the brothers from church took up teaching and preaching responsibilities, ensuring that I did not strain myself. I am so thankful to God for them and we continue to pray for more men who can help with leadership within our church.

Church Update 

My family and Unity Bible Church family are overjoyed that it has already been a year since we officially started meeting together as a church. We took some time to reflect and praise God together for His sustaining grace. Last Sunday, the first hour before the main service, we spared some time to cast a vision for the next year, the next five years, and also the next ten years, Lord willing.

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That meeting made it clear that we have much work to do in the area of evangelizing the lost and being faithful to preach and teach our local body. It was also good to have a report from the brothers who are handling finances. They showed us how we have been doing with our giving for the past year and how we can grow.

College Ministry 


One of the colleges that does not take long breaks and almost always has students around campus is MCHS. Lately, the group that we have been meeting with for our discipleship has gone home for a break. While they are gone, we have a new class that has just come in. One Saturday morning we went for evangelism on this campus and invited those we met to our discipleship meeting. By God’s grace, we have now started meeting this new cohort. It is a very passionate group and they are already inviting their friends to join us for these meetings. It has been a true blessing to see God rewarding the simple efforts that are put towards this ministry. 

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The picture above, I took with the first students I shared the gospel with. Unlike the average university student, they were very receptive to what I had to say. We plan to continue to evangelize this campus twice a month.


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Contrary from MCHS, when Unima takes a break all the students are off campus. One week ago, they finished their exams and are gone for three months. This is the group we have known for a long time and our relationship with them has been growing deeper and deeper. Both my wife and I have enjoyed the time with them when we have them over at our house. We received a note from one of the students that truly melted our hearts, and it was encouraging to see that in times when it seems that our labors are not bearing fruit, God is still at work. Above all else, we are very encouraged with what God is doing in His church and the ministries we have on college campuses.

Please pray for us:


  • Pray for the faith of our little children as they grow.
  • Help us thank God for His tender mercies toward us when we were sick.
  • Please pray for my wife’s mother who is struggling with pain.


  • Pray for the membership class we are planning to start toward the end of this year.
  • Pray that God will help us navigate the counseling situations we have in our church.
  • Pray that the gospel of our Lord will bring hope to the distressed as we preach.