Asia Baptism Wider

Update from a HeartCry missionary in Asia:

We recently held our Discipleship Training Camp during May. We were expecting fifty people but had over seventy attendees. Here is a testimony of one man who attended:

For some time this man led a secret dark life of sin, without anyone knowing—though his wife sensed a little of it and had become anxious. During our Discipleship camp, God brought great conviction to his heart over his sinful life. Today he is totally changed. His family is very joyful about his transformation.

In his youth he had been baptized without hearing the gospel. His father was a pentecostal prosperity gospel preacher. Because of this, his heart was hardened against the truth and he became an atheist, having seen the hypocrisy of these false gospels. After his father’s sudden death, he decided that he would take care of his father’s ministry along with his two brothers. But then his two brothers took over the ministry on their own, and he moved to our city and began attending our church in 2021.

At our church he heard the true gospel, and the truth warned him of his dark life in opposition to a living and holy God. Yet he still acted as if he was all right. But during this camp, he continued to hear the gospel’s message, and how the truth of the gospel transforms lives. Thus the Lord saved him graciously. He is now growing in the Lord very well. His love for God, for the Word, for fellowship with Christ, and his passion for God’s glory are now clearly evident.

He gave a testimony to our church that he is now truly converted, and last Sunday we baptized him. It was a great time of glorifying the Lord. He was broken with conviction and mentioned many times to me, and to his family and church, about how sinful his life had been, but how the Lord faithfully brought him to salvation.