Here are some recent updates on Hope Bible Church activities and growth from Pastor Richard Raven and pastoral assistant Tsholo Kukuni:

A Very Active Church

“We are a very active church. In Sunday morning worship, we have just finished studying the book of Acts under Pastor Richard’s skillful preaching. The Lord has blessed us with a formidable group of young men who are skilled in preaching and teaching, so on Sunday evenings they rotate in a series of exposition/application of the “One Another” texts of the New Testament. The church meets every Wednesday to study the book of Romans together. We also gather together for prayer on Sunday morning before the service and again on Sunday evening.

The men meet on Mondays to read Systematic Theology, discuss Sunday’s worship, and critique the men who take part. On Saturdays we meet in the morning to read John MacArthur’s Strange Fire, and then do one-on-one street evangelism. The young adults meet every Friday night to study the 1689 Confession together. The ladies meet every two weeks to read The Excellent Wife together.

We recently hosted a “Sexual Purity Conference” under the theme “Sex As God Intended: How to Maintain Sexual Purity in an Impure World.” It was led by the Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors Africa (ACBCA), and we were blessed to have Dr. Wayne Mack as the main speaker.

A Growing Church

In another item of praise, earlier this year we added 7 to church membership.