Dario Sara – Lima, Peru

This month we survived an attempted robbery just as we had finished one of our services. Some brothers and sisters had already left, while others were enjoying a time of fellowship. The children were running around the door of the church building when we saw two motorcycles go by with four men aboard. All of sudden two of them got off the motorcycles and put a gun to the head of the six year old son of one of our church members and forced him to enter the church building. The other guy fired a shot into the air and said “give us your cell phones and other belongings.”

I was talking with one of the brothers close to the door. When I turned around I saw the children on the floor, along with my youngest daughter. I approached the armed man saying, “what are you doing?” several times. The man fired another shot which passed very close by my ear and he hit me with the handle of his pistol, but I was able to forcefully close the door on him. One of them fell and ran off and the one who had the gun followed him.

One of the gunshots hit the ankle of one of the sisters who had been sitting down with her one year old daughter on her lap. After everything happened, we realized that she was bleeding profusely and that my head was also bleeding. So, we took her to the hospital where she was admitted and is recovering. My wound has also healed. We thank God for having spared us from something worse. I plead with you to pray for our church and that the Lord would forgive and show grace to the men who did this.