Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

We praise God that we were able to conduct a family seminar for our families and children on May 30th through June 1st. The conference place was nice, green, and the weather was more pleasant in comparison to our respected places.

The family conference was intended for like-minded labors in the gospel ministries. The target was to bring our wives and children, and set 3 days aside to learn together from the Word of God. It was a time of rest from our active daily lives. The speakers for the family included pastor Jude P., Kunal M., and Connor H. These brothers spoke two sessions each in these three days. I taught the main sessions during all three of the days, teaching the group on the attributes of God. We looked at who our God is, using the book called, “One True God” by bro. Paul Washer as a guide, along with my personal notes on the topic.

The families were presented with God’s Word to encourage them to live for God’s glory, to witness, and to be a role model in the society (as a family), knowing that this is not our home as we are sojourners on this earth. Also, since we have such a Great, Living, Creator, a Mighty, and loving God, we should worship Him with all of our hearts and make His Name known to the people that don’t know Him. We should fear Him alone and not anything else. I tried to instill in them that if we have a high view of our God, then we will have a correct view of the truth revealed in His Word, and in the creation that He has made.

We also had other activities to challenge those in attendance. Three of the seminary students led a quiz on the book of Acts, shared their testimonies and desires God has given to them, their goals after training, and also lead the Bible memory verse competition for the youth and children in our group. The children and youth were presented with some gifts and treats. The youths also enjoyed playing Cricket, Badminton, and quiz on the book of Acts. The girls were happy to get together, play together, and enjoy the fellowship of the parents in a free time.

The ladies were really happy as they listened to God’s Word and had free time with their children and husbands- without having to worry about cooking duties!

Thank you so much for your prayerful support for us. May the Lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ,

Ranjit K.