Jail Feature

A few weeks ago I was called out of bed to conduct a funeral of a member of the Old Apostolic Church (a cult). The ‘priest’ informed the family the night before that he would not be able to do the funeral, so one of the family members suggested that they ask me. I preached my heart out, making no apologies! This could be the last time for some of them to hear the gospel of the Savior and His love for sinners. I preached to a crowd of about fifty people trapped in the claws of Satan hoping and pray even now that God will grant them release!


During this time, a brother that used to be a neighbor where we grew up came and brought a man to me, let’s call him ‘Douglas.’ He told me that he met the guy close to where he was working and felt led to bring him to me for a ‘chat.’ I immediately caught what he was trying to say… “Share the gospel!” 

We spent that afternoon talking for more than 3 hours. I learned that he just came out of prison on parole – serving a 15-year sentence for murder. ‘Douglas,’ who is close to turning 60, spent most of his life as a ‘hit man’ for a gang and a trainer of hitmen. He had no idea how many people he has shot and killed or arranged to be killed. 

As I was sharing the gospel, this hardened criminal broke down in tears. He said that he had never heard the gospel and did not know much about Christianity. I challenged him with the gospel, telling him that there is grace in Christ alone and that he can have his sins forgiven right that moment! He told me, “Sir, please help me, I have never prayed in my life.” I asked him whether he had ever asked anyone for forgiveness. “No,” he said “I never had to.” I told him, “I think right now you have to.”

I challenged him to take a knee and start asking God for forgiveness for his sins, for living for himself and not for God. I sat and prayed with him, and listened as he struggled to confess his sins, begging God for forgiveness. I gave ‘Douglas’ a Bible, which he promised to read. That day was the last I have seen or heard from him. He said he was planning to go home to another city to stay with his sister. Please keep this man in your prayers.