Thanks to the Lord, we continue to preach every Sunday. We are studying the letter of James. It is a joy to see how the Word is dealing with each one of us, and how it is working, as the apostle says, “putting every thought captive to Jesus Christ” (2 Cor.10: 5). In accordance with this quotation, I beg you to keep praying for me so that the Lord will continue to give me strength and wisdom to trace His Word with precision.

The Lord continues to bring people to His church to hear the Gospel every Sunday, although sadly not all return more than once. Those who do seem to be genuinely interested in knowing more about Him. So far in this last month, 3 new people have come, and one of them continues to attend regularly.

Besides desiring to reach the lost and see visitors join us each Sunday, most of the activities in the church have already been restored in person, which is a great joy. We meet with the men every 15 days, considering characteristics and requirements for elders and deacons, following Paul’s instructions to Timothy and Titus in their letters. It is a good time especially because it is helping us understand more biblically those offices, which in turn is lead the brothers to examine their lives, gifts, and possible callings. Pray that the Lord would raise up qualified elders and deacons!

The sisters of the church will also begin their monthly services next month. They have invited me to instruct them about women’s ministry in the church. They are eager to get started and we thank the Lord for the love they have for the work. The Bible School with the children continues as well every other Friday. All of the boys meet in the church. It is a joy to see them run and learn more about the Lord.

God willing, we want to start next year, some topical teaching courses: one for marriages and another for adolescents. These are important needs in both groups, and it is necessary that the Word of the Lord is shaping the lives of every age and demographic in our congregation.

Well dear brothers, thank you very much for reading my letters, and for your selfless help and love for us. Please continue to pray for us, so that the Lord continues to help and strengthen us to continue with the ministry that by His grace has been entrusted to us, that we do it with excellence and in dependence on Him, and that His Name be known and exalted!

In Christ,

Miguel Burgazzoli