Jorge Marsano And Jaqui In Oxapampa

This month, we had to leave the house we were renting because the owner is intending to sell it. However, though it has been a bit of an uncomfortable process because we have looked for a house but have not been able to find one available, it has also brought me many opportunities to talk about the gospel with others. 

This has been a joy for me because there were times when I began to feel distracted from the ministry in all the time that it was taking to look for a house for our family. But the Lord encouraged me by giving me opportunities to speak about the glorious Person of His Son as the Savior of the world. I spoke to a lot of people in the process, and many people ended up asking me what my job was. This gave me the opportunity to tell them that I am a Christian missionary, to which they responded with more questions about what it means to be a Christian missionary. And then, I was able to begin explaining the gospel to them and the urgency that has compelled me to be a missionary.

Although not everyone showed interest, still, many of them heard the message of the gospel, and as far as I can tell, heard it for the first time. In that regard, I realized that many unbelievers around us know of the presence of the evangelical church in our community, but don’t know anything about the gospel message. That may be because of a lack of evangelistic activity in our community, or it could simply be that these people have never had any interest in listening to Christians who have attempted to talk to them about Christ. Either way, I rejoice because at least they were able to hear the biblical gospel. Please, join me in praying for the evangelism efforts in Oxapampa. Pray that God would use the established churches here to preach Christ as Savior.

Also, this month my wife has been able to counsel two women that are going through a spiritual crisis. She has counseled one of them over the phone and the other in person. According to the testimony of both of them, the grace of the Lord has been working in their hearts through the biblical truth they are hearing. I’m thankful that I am able to serve the Lord and Savior together with my wife.