Moise Marin

Moise Marian is a Heartcry missionary to the Gypsy community in Bucharest, Romania, where he pastors the O Del Si Amenca Church. In recent years he has suffered from cancer.   His bout has left him very week and unable to carry on at times. Please pray for Moise as he is receiving ongoing testing and treatment for the malady. In his report this month, he updates us on how providence is revealing itself in light of the pandemic:

We carried on the church services this month, but we had to do it indoors, as the weather got colder. Some of the believers said they couldn’t keep their face masks on. Upon me insisting that they wear them, several persons quit attending the church.

We kept passing out New Testaments. I gave them to the believers, so that they could pass them out. They had different experiences while they did that. It was a real struggle for me to motivate them to do this.

I attended a baptism service in Frunzanesti this month. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the new people that came to church on this occasion.

We celebrated Harvest Day in Hala Traian, Colentina and in Fratesti and had evangelistic services on this occasion as new persons came to the church.

Several people became infected with Covid in Mama India, so we had to cancel the church meetings for a while. We couldn’t have an evangelistic service on Harvest Day there.

All the schools in Bucharest have online classes now, so we had to suspend our classes as well. But in spite of the problem, I have kept in touch with the children.

I managed to approach seven new people this month. I spoke to them about God after giving them New Testaments and the church address. I met Florin (30), a man that I used to know when he was a child. He attended the church with his mother at one time. His son, Cristi, attends our programs for children. I didn’t know that Cristi was Florin’s son or that his father sent him to our programs. There are 5-6 children in this situation whose fathers attended our programs for children when they were little. So, they know what it is all about and now send their children to our events.

About 3 to 4 children, ages 12 to 13 started attending the church. They attend every church service.

I felt very weak this month. I had cold symptoms and a bad cough. I also had really bad hip pain so I couldn’t stand too much. Sometimes I had to take a seat during the church service. Also, I’ve had headaches more often than before.

I faced some struggles because of a neighbor in Hala Traian. He said we took some of his property when the cadastral survey was done several years ago. He asked me to correct this. So, I made some documents for the authorities and they told me I had to wait for 30 days. But the neighbor wants things to move quicker and, therefore, stresses me.

I managed to arrange one of the classrooms and will start working on the other one. I also intend to try to buy and set up the heating system this month.

I have faced struggles because of the documents for the building in Colentina. The man that we hired to take care of this got sick and is going to the doctor.

My wife felt very sick this month. She would fall down every day and some days several times a day. She has severe anemia. She needs to undergo surgery as she has a big benign tumor (about 1 kilogram). It’s very difficult to get to the hospital these days. She has had some medical tests done.