We celebrated the Passover on the hill directly overlooking the historical place of the Bible called Gehenna – “hell fire”. Among many of our guests was a journalist who writes articles for the regional newspaper. I talked with her about the expiatory sacrifice of Christ and that all people who reject His sacrifice will be subjected to eternal punishment. Jesus spoke about Gehenna and eternal punishment more than once. So far she (the journalist) only listens and nods, but there remains no change in her heart. However, she continues to visit us, and we hope that she would turn from her sins and believe. Please pray that the Lord would change her heart.

I had very interesting meeting with a man who has the same name as mine, Leonid, who is a Christian Jew from Frankfurt, Germany. Leonid is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a talented programmer, but he previously used the talent with a criminal purpose. He would make major purchases online by means of false credit cards. In Russia he wasn’t be caught, but in Germany he was arrested and put in prison. In prison Leonid began to read the Bible only to argue with the visiting rabbi and Catholic priest. They didn’t manage to convince him of anything. Once, a pastor from a Baptist church in Frankfurt visited him. Leonid was also going to argue with but, but this time it didn’t work. Every time he tried to argue, the man opened the Bible and answered any tricky question accurately according to God’s Word.

Soon Leonid confessed, having realized the great saving sacrifice of Christ:
“…and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors” (Isaiah 53:12).

At the same time, Leonid’s girlfriend was also imprisoned, and by God’s grace, she repented also! The Baptist church began to pray for their early release, and the Lord answered their prayer. Right after release from prison, Leonid and Natasha were married. Now they have three children, and they faithfully serve in the church. Leonid wants to help with our website on the Internet if it is possible. Praise to God that He gives us such remarkable witnesses! Please pray for this dear family.