Gustavo Requejo In Peru

As this year began, I had a persistent sense of the need to prepare men for the ministry. I firmly believe that the church must always be growing in maturity. The church as a whole should be equipped and involved in ministry to the body. The work of equipping the church in this way is difficult and it requires a lot of strength, but it must not be neglected. I have come to realize my need for help in the ministry.

So, along with the normal discipleship in the church, we are going to begin a ministerial school that has as its goal equipping men for the ministry. Some brothers in other churches found out about my desire to serve in this way and since a number of these churches are without a pastor, they asked me if they could be a part of this ministerial education. For now, I simply want to give what I have received by grace, just as I myself received it. There are 11 brothers in the program, both from our church and from other congregations. I am asking the Lord to help me to serve these men through this ministry and that above all, the Lord would be glorified through it.

I believe that if God has given us a gift, it is because He intends for us to grow in using it and to apply it in service to the church of the Lord. The gifts He gives are not to be used as a means of seeking glory from men; rather, they are to be used in order that the church will grow. Our confidence is that the Lord is the one who works and creates the fruit in His church. This is my prayer for the new ministry we have begun for the glory of the Lord.