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In his recent report, HeartCry missionary, Anatol Dunas, shared the testimony of one of his long time friends and disciples, Lucian. Anatol led Lucian to Christ, mentored him and ordained him into the gospel ministry. Since his conversion, Lucian planted a church, pastored one and served as major over the local township. Anatol provides a brief bio of his dear friend’s legacy in the following report:

On December 6th, Lucian’s funeral took place. He was my disciple and fellow minister. We planted a church together and we were planning to plant a new church in Larga. I met Lucian for the first time in 1998 on a university campus where I was preaching the gospel. After the sermon, Lucian and Sveta, his wife-to-be, receive Jesus. I discipled them. In 2000, Lucian and I started planting the church in Badicu. Lucian and Sveta got married in 2001 and have been blessed with three daughters. In 2004, he was ordained as a pastor. In 2011, Lucian was elected as mayor and served until 2019. In June 2019, he chose not to run for mayor anymore in order to be able to focus on the ministry and the church planting project in Larga.

At the end of November 2020, he got a cold and, after a few days, tested positive for Covid. The virus attacked his lungs very quickly and in the morning of December 5th, he went to be with the Lord. His funeral was his last sermon. He lived 40 years old and a believer for 22 years. Lucian was involved in ministry for 20 years and a mayor for 8 years. In all this time, he made a great impact for God.

As a pastor, he planted a church which continues very well now. In that work he started ministries for children and young people. He also built a church building.

As a mayor, he totally changed the village. He enhanced its public appearance, repairing different buildings and streets.

He lived an intense life.

His wife, Sveta, and their three daughters are comforted and strengthened in their faith. The youngest daughter, Raluca, on the day of the funeral, said, “My father isn’t dead, he just went home. I know he is alive. I will see him again.”

Lucian went to be with the Lord at 40 years of age.

On December 13th, we had a meeting in his memory. Many people shared different experiences they had had with Lucian and the impact he had on their lives. As a church, we donated a sum of money to Lucian’s wife, Sveta, and their three daughters. Once a week, my wife and I visit them, encouraging and helping them in these difficult times.

HeartCry Missionary Society was able to send a financial gift to Lucian’s family thanks to our donors.