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Below, pastor Segundo Gonzales shares the testimonies of two men that were recently baptized in Chiclayo, Peru. In both cases, the Lord used the faithful witness of Nancy, a member of the church, as she shared the gospel with each of these men while receiving treatment at a medical clinic. It is a good reminder of the importance of telling others about Christ in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, and also of the Lord’s power to use our efforts in evangelism to save the lost.

Jorge is 68 years old. He is often talking about how grateful he is to Nancy for leading him to Christ, and he is thankful to God who is changing his life. Before, the life he lived was very lost, consumed with all kinds of vices. His sin had led to a lot of problems in his home with his wife and children. His eyes were full of tears as he told me about the man he used to be and the sins he committed. Some time ago, he got sick and began dialysis. It was there that he met Nancy who told him about his need for salvation. From that time he has been coming to the church. He says that his life is different now. He is praying for his wife and he has asked us to pray for her as well.

Segundo is about 70 years old. Nearly his whole life, from the time he was a youth, he has worked as a bus driver on routes throughout Peru. This work led him to neglect his home, and he got involved with a lot of things that caused many conflicts in his family. Later, he became chronically ill. The doctors told him that he needed dialysis. It was there that he met Nancy, and just like in Jorge’s case, she began to tell him about Christ and the salvation that is found in Him. He now attends our church, and it is the first time he has ever been in an evangelical church. Being in the church and experiencing the warmth of the treatment he’s received from the members has been very meaningful to him. He says that now he wakes up in the morning to pray before going to work and he wants to know more of the word of God. Since he is often far away from home because of his bus routes, he often wants to talk on the phone with questions about something that he is reading in the Scriptures.

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A Diverse Family

A Diverse Family