Carlos Carhuapoma In Paita

In the book of Isaiah, chapter 55, we’re told that the rain and the snow do not return to heaven without watering the earth to make it sprout and bear fruit. This provides the sower with seed and the eater with bread. Even so, the one who faithfully sows the seed of God’s Word will see the fruit in the end. The Word of God does not return empty, rather it accomplishes what God intends it to accomplish. His Word waters the soul so that it produces spiritual fruit. We give thanks to God for allowing us to have His Word and to discover its great riches.

I’ve been very thankful as I’ve witnessed God’s work in the life of a young college student. I first met him through our compassion program a few years ago, and when he first came he had a lot of problems with drugs and was part of a gang. At first, it was really hard to work with him. His attitude was really rebellious and aggressive and he didn’t allow anyone to try to help him. At one point, we nearly had to remove him from the program because of the way that he was impacting the other youth. 

Over these past two years, we have been working with him and teaching him the gospel. Though for a long time he refused to repent of his sin, we knew that the Word of God never returns void, and we began to see a change. Little by little, God began working in a wonderful way in his life, until he was finally brought to repentance and began to profess faith in Jesus. God has restored his life and there is a tremendous change. He now seeks out the pastors for guidance and he is growing in his faith. 

As always, I ask you to pray. Pray for us, that God would allow us to continue working in the ministry here and that we would be faithful and full of integrity in all that we do in the fear of the Lord.