Jorge Marsano with Pastoral Library

The reason I’m writing this letter is that I am so grateful for one of the greatest blessings that have been given to me through HeartCry. By this, I’m referring to the books I’ve received. Without them, I—along with my ministry—would not be able to grow in the Lord the way I have. Of course, while these books are what God has used to grow my academic, ministerial, and spiritual understanding, the Bible itself continues to be the axis around which all of these resources turn as they help me understand it. 

My commitment to HeartCry is that I will honor every cent that is invested in literature for me. What I mean is that I will read and study every book I acquire. That’s what I’ve been doing. The books that I have received through HeartCry I have read, either in their entirety or as reference tools for study. 

Now, the reason for this particular letter is not exactly what I’ve written above, but specifically with regard to one set of literature in particular: a mini MacArthur library. In all, I have received 12 volumes of commentaries of the New Testament, a study Bible, and a systematic theology. This has been one of the most valuable sets of resources to be published in Spanish and there aren’t a lot of people here who have been able to get it, at least that I know of. But through HeartCry the Lord has blessed me with this excellent set of books. 

I have read this library nearly in its entirety. I will soon be finishing the entire series of commentaries. I don’t say this out of pretension, but rather simply to give glory to God for every biblical resource that He has provided me for study and in order to honor my brothers and sisters who give to HeartCry for making this investment in my ministry.

I write all of this simply in order to say, “Thank you!” Thank you for helping me so much in something so important as these books.

I remember a time when I needed to buy certain books to study, but because of other financial priorities at the time, I wasn’t able to purchase them. Now, not only can I study the books that HeartCry has purchased for me, but I’m able to devote the time needed to do so because of the monthly support that I receive. So, thank you also for allowing me to read, study, write, and minister God’s Word without concern for our family’s financial needs. I give thanks to God for you all and for your willingness to entrust these resources to me. I don’t know how to thank you.