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Ion Tomeci serves with Sorin Prodan in the city of Brasov, Romania. As an elder at Providence Baptist Church he assist in caring for the needs of the church’s faith family. Ion and his wife, Ani, have two children. In his recent report he shares how they are continuing their outreach in spite of the strict government restrictions due to the present pandemic.

We are happy that we can share with you about the way the Lord has worked in Brasov!

Meeting for Families

At the end of February we had a meeting for all the families in our church in which we addressed various forms of depression. The Epistle to Hebrews encourages us not to grow weary in our walk with the Lord and our ministry to our families. The Lord blessed the time we had together as we enjoyed it so much.

There is a new church plant in Zizin, near Brasov. I was glad to join my brothers, Emi and Alex, who started a church in a poor area in that village. Sister Eva and her son, who will be baptized in our church, were two of those upon God worked. Their friends and neighbors attend our meetings each Tuesday night. We sing, pray, and preach God’s Word.

Ramada attended a meeting with her two children and father-in-law. The meeting took place in her home as her husband, Alex, was at work. I was happy to attend the home church meeting. It made me recall that all the beginnings of any type of ministry are filled with enthusiasm, joy and life from the Lord. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation stopped the meetings of this group and postponed the baptism of sister Eva and her son.

When the Covid-19 epidemic started in China, we had prayer meetings with the church and prayed for that country. We didn’t know we were going to face the same situation only a few months later. We have prayed that the Lord would save people and exalt the Gospel before people. We had several such meetings without realizing that soon we wouldn’t be able to meet again.

What else could we do?

I made sandwiches for the people who lived on the street. We went out, gave them sandwiches and shared the good news with them. One young man was just passing through Brasov and I was glad to be able to help him. He gladly listened to the Gospel, understood he was a sinner and needed forgiveness. He told me he had had a dream some time ago in which he dreamed that the Lord told him to repent or he would die. He is married and has two small children.

Mr. Viorel is 72 years old and started attending our church several months ago. He had been living in his car for several years. He used to be married and has five children. But unfortunately, he had to live on the street. We have started a Bible study with him. The pandemic forced him to live in his car on the street. We prayed to the Lord and He has helped us find a place for Mr. Viorel near Brasov. We moved him there and now take care of him. Florin keeps in touch with him; he calls him to make sure he’s okay.