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Pastor Bill Issa of Reconciliation Baptist Church in Kampala, Uganda wrote in his latest update:
“We thank the Lord for the conferences we’ve just had at our church in this month of November. I say conferences because, this time round, we decided to begin with a one-day youth conference organized by our deacon, Marvin, who is still implementing what he learned in Zambia during his one year pastoral internship there – what a vibrant young man he is!

RBC’s First Youth Conference
When Marvin brought to the elders the suggestion of trying a one-day youth conference on the 9th of November, before the Pastors conference, we thought it would not work! Immediately after that, I remembered the French saying “Qui ne risque rien n’a rien” (Nothing ventured, nothing gained). I said to myself, “Truly speaking, people who always fear to take risks end up gaining nothing!” We decided to take a risk by authorizing Marvin to organize a small conference for only forty youths and see what the response would be!

Friends, didn’t the Lord surprise us?! Yes, the Lord has a sense of humor!! He made us laugh when we saw crowds of youths come for the conference! Instead of giving us the forty youths or less that we were expecting, the Lord poured hundreds of them into RBC until our small church hall was full beyond its capacity. The rest of us spent the whole day standing at the back of the room for lack of a place to sit!

Rbc Youth Conf 2
A packed room for the Youth Conference!

The one and only speaker was Bosco Bukeera, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kayunga. Bosco is a Ugandan brother married to an English lady. They’ve just been sent to Kampala from
the UK by a Reformed Baptist church in order to plant a biblical church in the city. They are progressing well on the other side of the city, and we are so grateful to the Lord for that. The theme of the conference was the famous ‘Don’t Waste Your Life!’

We had to start looking for more chairs to hire, and more food and drinks to feed our guests! Wow, this was a good challenge that we’ll never forget! We give all the glory to the Lord!

RBC’s 7th Pastors & Church Leaders Seminar
On 19-20 November, we had 21 pastors and church leaders in total for our seventh seminar. Some attended only the first day, others attended only the second day, while others attended both days. We had pastors and church leaders from five different districts of Uganda and three countries (Nigeria, South Sudan, & Burundi).

Rbc 11.19 Pastors Conf
December 2019 Pastors Seminar

The speakers were brother Nathaniel Jolly from North Carolina (U.S.) and myself. The keynote address of the conference was given by my fellow pastor, David. The theme of the conference was ‘Biblical Christianity.’

What has encouraged us with these conferences is the fact that a few pastors and church leaders have shown keen interest in them! Some of them have attended all the conferences since we began, while others go back to their churches and conduct the same teachings inside their churches and over the radio!”

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