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Heartcry missionary Marian Jipi pastors multiple churches that he has planted. He maintains great favor with the people in the communities where they are located. In recent days, his wife has been afflicted by a physical malady that has led to significant weight loss. Please pray for our brother and his spouse at this time.

Freedom is the greatest blessing that we have as missionaries these days. We can’t even imagine how precious it is. The believers in Pitulicea pray for peace in our country and for freedom for Christians. Our ministry depends on these two things.

We carried on successfully our missionary activity. We celebrated Easter and the Lord’s ascension to heaven, so we had more church services than usual. I also found more people who were willing to listen to us. The parks were filled with people eager to hear.

We started getting ready for the camp. Twenty children will be attending. They all come from non-Christian families. I wanted to take new kids to the camp this year. This is a good opportunity for me to get closer to their parents and to have a relationship with them. Most of these kids come from Glodeanu Sarat, Mihailesti, and only a few of them come from Pitulicea. I have met new people this way. We had good discussions and we shared the gospel with them. Actually, they wanted to find out more because they were curious about the camp program and to make sure that the organizers were honest people. I enjoyed so much these opportunities that God gave me. We will take the kids to the camp with my and the school vans, so we only need to pay for the gas. We have a good relationship with the school leadership. The school principal declared publicly that he wanted to help us in this project because we were the only church of the nine churches in our village that still did something for the kids. We were happy to hear this and felt encouraged to be a living testimony.

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Eastern Europe

Day of Opportunity

Day of Opportunity