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Igor Serement is the pastor of Philadelphia Church of Anenii Noi, Moldova. He and his faith family have been the beneficiaries of providence in enjoying the opportunity of reaching the many refugees that have escaped Ukraine during this season of national unrest. In this month’s report, Igor relates his experience of serving the Ukrainian people:

It’s been sixty days since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. This conflict changed the direction of our ministry. We had been praying for this year to be a year of missions and God gave us the opportunity to do missions at home. Over 400,000 refugees crossed the border from Ukraine to Moldova and about 100,000 remained in our country. Many refugees have come to our church in March and we hosted them for several days before they left for Western Europe. But this month most of the refugees that have crossed the border decided to stay in our country. as a result, we hosted 36 people every day. They’re waiting for the war to come to an end so that they could go back home, but some of them don’t have a home anymore.

We carry on the ministry among refugees in the Causeni Baptist Community. Not many churches can host refugees, but because our Community is close to the border with Ukraine, many refugees are being hosted in villages. The believers help them with food supplies and other necessary things. Every two weeks, we get a truck with food supplies for the refugees and distribute them in the villages that are part of the Causeni Baptist Community. We also organized mobile medical clinics where the refugees are checked by doctors and received the medicines they need.

Here are several encouraging testimonies of some of the refugees that were hosted at our church this month:

Liudmila is one of the refugees that we have hosted at our church. When she came, she was sad, scared and discouraged, just like all the others. I managed to talk to her about the Lord and about the situation in their country, and her need for Jesus. She was very open and cried as I was sharing with her about the Lord. She wanted to know more about the Lord and I gave her a New Testament encouraging her to read it. I invited Liudmila to church and she came. After the church service, with tears in her eyes, she said, “I really enjoyed this! I had heard about the Lord, but now I’ve met the real God! He is in my heart now!” She started reading the Bible, praying every day and copied psalms in her notebook so she could memorize them. Before she left us, she said, “I’ll try to find a church just like yours wherever I go.”

The Lord is working miraculously even during these hard times and is still transforming the hearts of people.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings