Sam Oluoch is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu, Kenya.  Here are some highlights from his recent report:

Fruit of Helida’s Evangelism

During our December annual conference, our sister Helida (Pastor Naphtally’s wife) would sit under a tree and purposely target young people to challenge them with the gospel. Out of her efforts four young people confessed Christ, of which three are encouraging so far (Lydia, Leslie, and Jerry). Of those three, one has since left for high school, but Jerry and his sister Leslie have stayed on and are now attending new believers’ class run by my wife Mellie. They are in teens Bible class which Melly and other teachers teach every Sunday. We hope that the two will soon be baptized.

Charismatic Students in Theological School

On February 6-10 we had classes for KReST seminary, the first session for the year 2017. Pastor Naphtally taught on ‘Epistles’ and I took ‘Early Church History.’ Babale Mamchoko from Kakuma Camp, Steve from Nairobi, Andrew from Kisii, and Austin from Kisumu were the new students who joined us for the first time, and all would like to continue. All of them are from charismatic backgrounds. I guess KReST is meeting its goal of reaching out to charismatic people. Three-fourths of the class now are from these churches.

One of these men, Pastor Francis, used to give us problems. He continually brought lectures to a stop by challenging reformed theology. This time round, he came back a persuaded man and, instead of arguing, would actually elaborate to others some of the doctrines of grace. We thank God for this sudden change in Francis.

Accommodating these students is a real challenge to us. Please pray with us for the Lord to provide a much more roomy facility for KReST.

South Sudanese Refugee Joins Theological School

Babale is from South Sudan but is residing in Kenya at the Kakuma refugees’ camp (his story should be familiar to you by now). After a long struggle, the Lord answered our prayers to bring him to us. He has since gone back according to the permission given to him by Kenya government for him to travel inland for studies. We hope to see him come for subsequent lectures. Specifically pray that Babale will be kept free from corrupt Kenya immigration officers who insist on being bribed for the travel document to be issued to him. Thank God he stood firm and the Lord undertook for him. I think that he is someone to be invested in for a church plant in South Sudan Juba town.

On his way to Kisumu, Babale had opportunity to witness practical ministry in Eldoret on Sunday before coming over with Naphtally for classes. Then he stayed on to witness the same at GBC Kisumu before leaving on a Monday. We feel that this kind of exposure is important to all students if they are to learn how Sunday worship is conducted biblically.