Warm greeting to you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God we all are fine, and I hope that you all are fine there in His grace.

First of all I would like to give thanks to God for His grace and supplying the materials that we need in our spiritual growth and ministry. This time we received a book called “Living by the Book”. It is an awesome book which is really helping me to grow more in Christ and in my ministry. Please pray that God may help me to understand more about Him and may help me to grow in the Lord. In the grace of God the weekly services and cottage meetings are going well. God is helping us to grow mature in Him. The youth are growing in the Lord and are also involved with us in ministry. I visited one of our church members, Mrs. Kamala. She is very old and she is alone. She had an infection in her eyes. Therefore, I took her to the hospital. Now she is under the treatment. I comforted her from God’s words and encouraged her to keep her faith in Christ in all times. She was very happy and thankful to God for His love.

There are many other widows who are alone like mother Kamala. May God help me to help these mothers who are alone. May they know God more, and grow mature in Christ in the coming days.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for youth that they may grow in the Lord and may do His ministry. Pray for mother Kamala for her recovery. Pray for the widows- that they may trust in the Lord even in difficulties. Pray for me, my life in Christ, and the ministry that I am doing in my local church.


Chandra B.