Dear HeartCry,

I greet all of your families & churches in the love of Christ Jesus and in the grace of God,

In the past month I have spent time praying and studying God’s word. I learned in the book of Romans (Romans 13: 8-14) about love, and the consciousness of a pure life, through the Word of God. The Lord has shown me that in order to live a good life, I must rely on the Lord and do His will to give up the habits of old life. The new life is like the perfect God, in the example of the apostle Paul, who was faithful in proclaiming the gospel to the Gentiles, and he said,

“But for the sake of Christ I am ready to bring all that is in the flesh that has suffered with Christ for the gospel to be preached to you.”

In the past month, every Tuesday evening, I was with the Church staff and studied the Theology of Resurrection Theology. And we still have prayer meetings every Thursday morning. During the last month my local church is planning to evangelize for 2018. I am still praying and creating good relationships with the people I know to preach the gospel to them. I testify this is what God has done.

A few years ago I told a staff member in the church I was going to

“pray for your father to believe in God.”

The member told me it is hard to believe God will convert him because he is a monk and is the leader and is responsible for worship. This man had testified of God to his father, but he did not believe and even resisted. I advised him to pray for his father and the church too. One day, we had a prayer parade; we visited and prayed for him and he was very happy. After the conversation, I testified to him about Jesus and he believed in God. I taught him the catechism and we took him to church to worship God because he was over 70 years old. After he was baptized he came to the church for a while and fell ill. We visited him and carried him one last time before he went home to be with the Lord. Now when I think of him, I thank God for His providence because He has given him eternal life. When people think that it is impossible, they should recognize God is able and He knows who are believers to be saved. We must remain faithful to evangelize.

Sincerely, Chi G.